Abilene State Park – A Wildlife-Rich Community Asset


Abilene State Park pic
Abilene State Park
Image: tpwd.texas.gov

Paul W. McDonough, MD, is a respected Abilene, Texas, spine surgeon who treats patients with conditions such as arthritis and spinal slippage and curvature. A longtime resident of West Texas, Dr. Paul W. McDonough has embraced the regional culture and maintains an active interest in wildlife management and the great outdoors.

One of the most popular scenic destinations in the local area is Abilene State Park, which comprises more than 500 acres of land in Taylor County and was acquired by the state in 1933, at the height of the Great Depression. A Civilian Conservation Corps project, work on the park was completed in 1934.

A semi-arid environment characterized by brushland, short-grass prairie, and riparian woods, the park encompasses camping and trails as well as a historic swimming pool and a fishing pond. The Buffalo Wallow Pond can be fished without permit and is stocked with crappie, bass, perch, and catfish. Wildlife in the park ranges from cottontail rabbits and armadillos to the ubiquitous white-tailed deer.

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