Month: September 2016

A Look Inside the History of Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle pic
Edinburgh Castle

Paul W McDonough, MD completed his spine surgery fellowship at the University of Wisconsin in 2001. As a spine surgeon at Orthopedic Associates of Abilene, Dr. Paul McDonough performs surgery of the thoracic, lumbar, and cervical spine. Previously, Paul McDonough, MD lived in Scotland, where he served as a missionary for two years. He enjoys bringing his family there to visit old friends and of course to golf.

One of Dr. McDonough’s hobbies is reading and studying British history. He lived in Edinburgh for a while and found the following information to be interesting. Edinburgh Castle in Scotland has witnessed many defining moments. Royalty has lived and died in the walls of the castle; Sieges were fought among the mighty stronghold. The oldest building of the castle stands on the site. St. Margaret’s Chapel, built by David I around the year 1130 as a tribute to his mother.

Edinburgh Castle has been besieged over and above other castles in the UK. The English and Scots struggled over maintaining control of the castle while the Wars of Independence took place. In 1314, there was a daring night raid set in place to try and reclaim the castle from the English, which was started by Thomas Randolph.

Edinburgh Castle has been labeled a national icon over a 200-year time span. Currently, the castle is the leading tourist attraction in Scotland.