Month: November 2016

Benefits of TMA Membership — Physician Advocacy

Texas Medical Association (TMA)
Texas Medical Association (TMA)


A spine surgery specialist at Orthopedic Associates of Abilene, Texas, Paul W. McDonough, MD, performs operations on various neck and back deformities and injuries. In conjunction with his professional career, Dr. Paul W. McDonough is a member of the Texas Medical Association.

Membership in the Texas Medical Association (TMA) comes with a number of benefits. Among one of the most prominent of these is physician advocacy with the government.

TMA works on behalf of its 49,000 member physicians to help guide policy, both on the state and federal level, by lobbying against burdensome regulations, fighting for vital funding for physician programs, and reinforcing legislation that protects the independence of doctors to exercise their medical judgment in caring for patients.

Other efforts the TMA undertakes for its members in the court system include opposition to increasing the practice scope of non-physicians, holding payment networks accountable for timely reimbursement, and preserving the right of doctors to maintain complete control over their medical decisions.

Volunteering with the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra

Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra Guild
Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra Guild

As fellowship-trained spine surgeon in Abilene, Texas, Paul W. McDonough, MD, treats patients at Abilene Regional Medical Center. Outside of work, Dr. Paul McDonough contributes to the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra.

Those who wish to contribute to the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra can volunteer with the organization’s guild. Members of the guild meet nine times per year to enjoy music in members’ homes and discuss upcoming concerts. Volunteers help in a number of ways, including by organizing seating for students during the Philharmonic Discover Music Series concert.

Guild volunteers can also help meet the needs of musicians and visiting artists by assisting with auditions, transportation, and concert logistics. Further, volunteers can help keep costs low by hosting visiting musicians in their homes.

Finally, the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra Guild offers youth an opportunity to take part in Belles and Beaus, a five-year program through which young people serve as ushers at concerts. Recognized by the governor of Texas, this program can enhance students’ future college applications.

ISMISS 2017 in Chicago

International Society for Minimal Intervention in Spinal Surgery pic
International Society for Minimal Intervention in Spinal Surgery

Paul W. McDonough, MD, devotes his practice in Abilene, Texas exclusively to spine surgery. Dedicated to continuing education, Dr. Paul McDonough belongs to the North American Spine Society.

The North American Spine Society offers continuing education credits for a number of events and conferences throughout the year. Members can obtain up to 12 American Medical Association PRA Category 1 Credits for attending the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Minimal Intervention in Spinal Surgery (ISMISS), which will take place at Swissotel in Chicago from January 18 through January 20, 2017.

ISMISS’s 35th Annual Meeting will include a full-day cadaver workshop at the Spine Education and Research Center. The workshop will focus on minimally invasive surgical methods, such as cervical microendoscopic discectomy, lateral transforaminal fusion, lateral lumbar interbody fusion, and decompression of stenosis. Attendees will also benefit from didactic sessions that include symposia and case presentations.

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